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Monday, August 3, 2009

McGregor Coxall Ballast Point Park Design

McGregor Coxall is currently involved in some of Australia's most important and interesting Landscape Architecture projects including the Green Square Town Centre Public Domain, commissioned by the City of Sydney in which the landscaping and urban design will be an essential part of the puzzle in making Green Square a community environment. As well the redesign of the public space and landscaping at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra as part of the general revamp and a new wing.

However possibly their greatest project is the Ballast Point redevelopment which is one of Sydney's best new Harbour parks. Having grown up near Ballast Point I remember it in its unused and sad state that separated the other great parks surrounding it.

The highly successful Ballast Point Park revamp is being hailed as one of Sydney's best new public spaces and was an amazingly enjoyable place to visit especially with the great Sydney's weather of late. This beautiful space both acknowledges and goes beyond the sites original use as a Caltex Oil property.

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