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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Super excited for Exit Through the Gift Shop. For Sydney based Banksy fans it will be showing at Newtown Dendy from 24 June 2010. Although there is certainly a sense that Banksy is overexposed, there is no doubting how intriguing his cult following is. Definitely work a look.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Creative Sydney get inspired

Very excited for Creative Sydney this year. Not only an amazing line up of events and talks but a gorgeous new website. Creative Sydney is cementing itself in the Sydney calender and in my heart. Although it is easy to be cynical about events rather than projects being funded it is these kind of events that can be great starting points for the arts community and excellent networking opportunities which is something Sydney definitely needs to be a lot better at. I will hitting up a lot of the events and tweeting from the talks, so make sure to follow me in the next couple of weeks. @constructingart

Less competition and more collaboration I say!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Career milestones big and small.

Finally reached over 100 posts! Thanks for all the support and reading what I hope was interesting content over the last couple of years. As you may of noticed constructing art has been increasing its social interaction of late, so please make sure you are following me on twitter.

Speaking of career milestones of obviously slightly larger proportions Edmund Capon AM, OBE has released a book, "I Blame Duchamp" (Penguin Books, 2009) an autobiography which focuses on the collections he has been involved in and his relationship to art 'My musings on art could be described as a benign diatribe; one inspired by a genuine if watchful passion'. I am certainly hoping for some behind the scenes gossip - someone who has been in the role of Director and Chief Curator at the Art Gallery of NSW for so many year must have, this book will do little discourage rumours that Mr Capon may soon be moving on.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

(Untitled) movie

A new film has been released based on the contemporary New York art gallery world and the comedy that arises from it. (Untitled) stars Adam Goldberg as a young composer and Vinnie Jones as a veiled spoof on Damien Hirst and it takes a look at what is perceived be the absurdity of the art world. Although seemingly a little out of step with the massive burst of the art market bubble this time last year it is hard to tell yet whether this is the usual attack on the "crazy art world" or a genuine dig at the snobbishness of the New York art scene. Even Damien Hirst is no stranger to taking the piss with many critics suggest he is in on some grand joke "And now Hirst is basically saying it was all nonsense. He didn't mean it. He wanted to be a great painter all along. But, as any visitor to his show at the Wallace Collection can see, he's not." (Jonathan Jones, Monday 26 October 2009 The Guardian). The film is yet to be released so we are not sure what he thinks of it just yet.

Friday, October 30, 2009

ABC launches new arts website

The ABC was all over the arts this week as it launched a new arts website and held the "Revealing the Arts" conference in Sydney. The event included much fanfare about their new social media connectivity and partnership with the Australia Council. The website will a portal for both the arts programs on the ABC as well other arts content from all genres. This seems to be part of a larger push by the Federal Government and the Government 2.0 project to get government organisations to get filter their content through "younger" eyes. Let hope these programs increase creative production and build relationships rather than just present what we already have. That being said they are a lot prettier than previous government websites!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phantom New York City comes alive.

This amazing new iphone application makes me 1. very happy and 2. at the same time very jealous. Why?

1. It is a remarkably clever idea considering New York must be one of the most redesigned (in theory that is) cities in the world and has had so many projects designed and exhibitions made about this great city just in the last couple of years. Rather than living in the past or the present the application shows user what might have been. Living under a dome or walking in the sky, the designs and projects will be presented as the user walks through the city streets.

2. Why now when I am not in New York?

The iPhone at work, detecting the Phantom City.
Images and research BLDG BLOG.

Museum of the Phantom City by Cheng+Snyder for the Van Alen Institute.
Images and research BLDG BLOG.

Check out full project.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stuff white people like - Bansky!

This is an absolutely hilarious article about Bansky and the complicated relationship "indie white people" have with street art. I was lucky enough to go to a talk with Christian Lander (and have a photo with) the creator of Stuff White People blog and now book. He talked about going to ivy league universities and experiencing a certain type of white person obsessed with coffee, indie music no one has ever heard of. This of course hit a chord with me with my personal favourites being Architecture, Liking Bob Marley and Taking a year off.

Also hope are checking out my current project and the behind the scenes photo:

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