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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phantom New York City comes alive.

This amazing new iphone application makes me 1. very happy and 2. at the same time very jealous. Why?

1. It is a remarkably clever idea considering New York must be one of the most redesigned (in theory that is) cities in the world and has had so many projects designed and exhibitions made about this great city just in the last couple of years. Rather than living in the past or the present the application shows user what might have been. Living under a dome or walking in the sky, the designs and projects will be presented as the user walks through the city streets.

2. Why now when I am not in New York?

The iPhone at work, detecting the Phantom City.
Images and research BLDG BLOG.

Museum of the Phantom City by Cheng+Snyder for the Van Alen Institute.
Images and research BLDG BLOG.

Check out full project.
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