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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laith McGregor - cover artist

Laith McGregor's artworks are all over Australia's art magazines this month, having been featured on the cover of both the art guide and ART MONTHLY. There is something obviously enticing and interesting to viewers about this artist who uses biros to create magical and strange bearded people. To be upfront I am not the biggest fan of beards, but in a way these drawings both celebrate and poke fun at facial hair and its place in our culture. McGregor is currently on show at the MCA, Sydney as part of the I Walk the Line: New Australian Drawing and a solo exhibition of these latest works is opening this week at Helen Gory Galerie in Melbourne.

artguide, Art Monthly and the artist, Laith McGregor.

Helen Gory Galerie
Prahran, Melbourne
Laith McGregor,
So It Goes
5th - 23rd May 2009

I Walk the Line: New Australian Drawing
MCA Sydney
17 March - 24 May 2009

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