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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Cullen Hotel

Image: APCB

With a recent cocktail preview of the Cullen Hotel currently being constructed in Prahran, Melbourne, the series of art hotels is back in the spotlight. The Cullen is the third of seven artist themed boutique hotels (the first to open was Tim Storier in Sydney, the second, The Makin in East Melbourne) planned by the Asian Pacific Building Corporation to be built around Australia. Other names to be included are Charles Blackman and Brett Whiteley and other significant Australian artists. Unfortunately not one female artist has been named - which is equally expected as it is disappointing. Although I am sure each of the artist represented is deserving I wonder why this decision was made. The inclusion of an artist's name clearly attaches the hotel to concepts of inventiveness, creativeness and vision - do no Australian female artists have these?

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