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Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Quite Art

The first series of Not Quite Art was the most talked about arts programs amongst my friends and colleagues that I can remember. The second broadens the scope of discussion to our understanding of cultural change within the arts. The old story of "how the Internet is changing everything" through the eyes of Marcus Westbury is a fresh take on somewhat stale the subject.

It seems that Australia as a geographically isolated country has certainly been affected by this change and very quick to jump on the bandwagon. Frankly many aussies are over having television series presented late at night and months behind and artists who are apparently protected by copyright laws seem just to want to get there work out there. As usual there are few scrooges raining of the creative parade although most artists just pop up there umbrellas and keep creating - good on them.

Side note:
Not to make this the Marcus Westbury fan club but he is also involved in a great new project Renew Newcastle which he broached in the first series of Not Quite Art. Marcus also has a blog which has lots of updates of what he is up to.
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