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Friday, November 28, 2008

COFA Annual 2008

Roaming the sweaty hallways of the COFA annual is was made abundantly clear that the artistic taste for multiple layers was not going to work, and that is it very hard to look cool while sweating through a red beanie and black leggings.

The typical COFA visitor seemed to be around 23 yrs old and it is at these events that I discover that I have absolutely no individual dress sense since there are are about 1000 people dressed exactly like me. However as usually the art is interesting and engaging with the touch of the self absorbed but overall a very inspiring outing.

This exhibition is always worth a look and a great place for talent spotting. As usual the sculpture department on the Ground Floor really shines and visitors seem to really get involved with works. Although enthusiasm usually starts to wain by the 3rd floor so any comment on this area is bound to be off.
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