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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I heart Shaun Gladwell

Finding this hilarious sticker on the back streets of Chippendale was amusing for a few reasons. One the person who wrote it had enough knowledge about him to spell Shaun correctly. Obviously it can be spelt Sean and a variety of other spellings.

The second amusing thing about this is that this sticker is obviously homemade & I haven't seen it anywhere else and the HATE is filled in.

The sticker could have been put there by a skater - although Gladwell is usually the poster boy for the urban dwellers. The skater kids might not be feeling the love.

Gladwell is one of those artist who have also risen to "fame" quite quickly and reasonably well-known by the general public. Although he has been a little overexposed you can't hold that against him and some of his recent works have been very engaging. Shaun should probably take this as a compliment at least people know who is he enough to hate him.
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