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Friday, September 12, 2008

The art of shopping

Walking around Sydney shops recently it made we wonder how much design has infiltrated our public spaces. Although crazy shop front windows have always been a sales technique, the front of any well heeled designer stores are starting to look remarkable like some kind of art installation but with more clothes.

This may well be a case of shops becoming more savy but mostly it is a bit of fun. Many fashion labels now work with artist in the creation of t-shirts and shoes and other customized items. But one has to wonder how much artists are getting paid for their contribution to these ventures - rather than the more traditional designers.

Check out these two shop installations - one for the Spring in David Jones and one for Louis Vuitton.

Both seem to grasping on to some coolness factor here although the age bracket viewing the Spring Fashions at David Jones was a little more interested in the Birds of Paradise (the flowers). Louis Vuitton seems also to be grasping at straws a little, my motto withstanding - CCTV is all over the art scene at the moment so they are at least on the pulse.

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