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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Frieze Magazine "Whatever happened to art theory?"

Frieze Magazine has dedicated its latest edition to the state of art theory. Although this might seem ironic coming from the magazine that has brought us a highly commercial and personality driven art fair, which champions seemingly superficial artists such as Damien Hirst. It is probably a good place to start when looking at the current ways in which artists and writers approach art theory. Sam Thorne the associate editor of Frieze has the lead article entitled "Back & Forward" which looks at the controversies and discussions around art theory that many modern art student are not exposed to. Artists who work within particular parameters are unlikely to be challenged on their view of art theory or history and as Thorne suggests "we should pay attention to its past – not only how it has been marketed and circulated internationally, but how it has been misunderstood." Essentially when artists do not have to question these artistic concepts on a base level they do not have to have the hard conversation and that is clearly where the best art theories have sprouted.

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