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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guerilla Gardners

Image: Wolloomooloo Guerilla Garden by Mickie Flick - Flicker

Guerilla Gardeners premiered last night on Channel Ten but is getting some not so great reviews from local councils. As I mentioned in a previous post the Guerilla Gardening phenomena has been around for quite a while although has recently had a revival. It seems once again Channel Ten is trying to make money of cool and dangerous activities (similar to breakdancing on SYTYCD?) and The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Marrickville Council is not happy with the structure that was build is a Newtown park, many other Councils have already complained. Below is an image of the Guerilla Gardeners attempt at cleaning up the start of the Express Way in Woolloomooloo - its certainly educational is term of spelling but the cynicism from people responses seems to be more to do with Channel Ten than the gardens themselves.

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