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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rothko at the Tate Modern

To say this is one of the most emotional exhibitions I have ever seen seems like a bit of an odd comment but it was. Despite the busy crowd and large number of works Rothko's canvases completely immerse the viewer. A bit of an agnostic, Rothko's deep paintings capture amazing spirituality without being condescending. The murals which were intended for the Seagram building but never used due to Rothko's withdrawal from commission for the very posh restaurant of the Four Seasons are an amazing changing addition.

I spent 2 hrs in this exhibition and would have spent more if the gallery wasn't closing. The audio tour is also fantastic and you can listen to some of the music that he painted in the background. Information and displays which explain the conservation and content of his painting technique is the best presentation of this that I have seen. This is a complete must see!

More photos of Tate Britain and the very interesting public programs to come.
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